Box Build & System Integration

We bring over 27 years of experience to the printed circuit board
Assembly and Manufacturing.

Box Build & System Integration

PCC offers sub-system and complete PCB box-build and system assembly services to customers. We have 27 years of experience in providing end to end box build solution, right from cable and harness assembly to software configuration and final test to specifications. We are a one stop shop for comprehensive Box-Build Assembly Services.

We deliver the highest quality products to customers, optimizing their time and money. Our engineering expert team follow IPC design specifications and focuses on customer’s unique needs, ensuring design accuracy, form factor and packaging. Every product we build is inspected and tested to exact specification for 100% quality assurance.

Our Box Building & Potting Services includes:

  • Complete System Integration
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Automated Encapsulation
  • Panel Assembly Service
  • Automated Conformal Coating
  • Cable and Harness Assembly
  • Complete Product Testing & Burn-In
  • Testing for Required Certifications
  • Environmental Testing
  • Custom Packaging, Labeling & Barcoding
  • Direct Shipment to Point of Sale

PCC provides continuous support, . A few of our capabilities includes medical device equipment, WiMax wireless router, optical networking products, medical device equipment, electric vehicle car charging station, home security equipment etc.

Why Choose PCC for Box Build Assembly Services?

  • Ability to support any box-build volume and complexity
  • Extensive partnership with high quality component suppliers that brings additional cost savings for full box assembly
  • Quick turn around and therefore faster time to market
  • State-of-the-art machines and equipment
  • RoHS compliant product delivery
  • 24-hour response time when responding to feedback

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