Quick Turn PCB Repair & Rework Services

We bring over 27 years of experience to the printed circuit board
Assembly and Manufacturing.

Repair and Rework

PCC offers fast turnaround PCB Repair and Rework services in a fully controlled ESD compliant facility. Adhering to IPC and JEDEC workmanship standards, we specialize in both assembled and bare circuit board repair and rework. We have a skilled workforce who are regularly trained and continually assessed by our in-house certified trainers.

Our facilities are AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 accredited. We have the most advanced computer controlled PCA and BGA rework stations that ensure accuracy of work. Our portfolio of global customers, OEM companies along with our 27 years of experience, validates our reliability as a leading PCA Repair and rework service provider.

Our PCB Repair Services & reworks Include:

  • Repair of Assembled PCA
  • Repair and Replacement of BGA
  • Leaded or Lead Free Soldering Process
  • Rework/Engineering Change Notices
  • Component Level Repair
  • Through-hole Component Replacements
  • Replacements of SMD (Surface Mount) Components
  • Engineering Changes and Upgrades
  • Inspection/Verification

BGA Rework & Reballing Services

By utilizing latest techniques, methods and processes, we perform BGA reballing and reworks which include lead-free, ceramic BGAs and column grid array. Leveraging IC rescue, we safely remove misplaced BGA, Reball it via laser technology and then place it in PCB accurately.

We work on all types of land grid array package or socket, be it PBGA, Hyper-BGA, CBGA, CCGA, m-SMD, LGA, High I/O FCBGA etc. After every repair/rework we perform X-ray inspection of all BGA components to ensure 100% quality.

Quick Turn PCB Engineering Change Service (ECO, ECN)

We perform engineering changes and modifications in circuit paths on PCBs at BGA sites and other locations. Our ECO (Engineering Change Order) service saves customers time and money after re-spinning and re-building PCBs, .

We use hot air or infrared rework systems to safely change the BGA or component. If the BGA just has a placement issue, we apply laser BGA reballing system so that it could be reused safely.

Apart from PCB (Printed Circuit Board) repair services, we also work on ball screw repair, electronic repair, hydraulic repair, motion control repair, process control repair, wind turbine parts repair etc.

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